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Hi all Phillip Di Biase here, I hope you are well.

First I would like to say thank you for taking the time and showing the interest to learn a little bit more about me and my store. Everything I do and sell on here is extremely straightforward, the prices are the prices (USD).

I am a businessman, I first started PHD Enterprises in January 2012 selling imported products, this was because I would often hear the words “we can’t afford it” and I decided not to let that stop me, I knew you could get something cheaper if you went directly to the manufacturer and that has always been what I have sought to do, this search has lead me on many occasions to the lowest prices and I decided to make what I found available to the public.

If you see “Phill the Quality” written on a product it means that I have PERSONALLY tested and owned this product.

Other products that don’t have the “Phill the Quality” tagline have come from personally tested and trusted factories.

Our aims:

To sell good quality products at an affordable cheaper than all of our competitors, and fight unconscionable markups on other stores

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