Lowest Price Guarantee

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Hi all Phillip Di here I hope you are well.

When I decide to list a product on PhillipDi.com I like to make sure it’s lower than any of my competitors, that is why I am happy to do my best to match any identical product listed elsewhere, this does NOT include sales/coupon prices

Sometimes prices update and I will notice it in my sales volume and I will research it again, but if that doesn’t happen fast enough and you see there’s a price cheaper elsewhere please let me know and I will fix it for everyone.

The best way to let me know is to post it on a forum somewhere (even onto this post) and sending me the link, that way its public and everyone can benefit, I don’t like it when a store says “find a better price and we will match it”, 1. Whats the point? 2. The price only improves for yourself and not the public.

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